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Warrior U: The Lost Comics. (PDF)

Price: 2.00 $

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Alpha Male: Harv leaves Finn and goes back to hanging out with his old clique. something that Finn is NOT going to stand for.  (pages: 11)

There’s a damsel in distress: After Harv saves the Princess from Leenan, she decides to put a curse on him..and a dress. (pages: 25)

ALSO INCLUDES: concept art and doodles. (pages: 6)

WU- The Haunting (Halloween special)

 1.25 $

Harv and his family struggle to get rid of the ghost haunting their farm. (short 15 page comic)

Hevvin Iron-on patch:


Price: 5.00$
Around the same size as the picture, iron this on your jeans or whatever and terrorize your friends!

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On White: (a made a different button for every color ^^; )




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On Green:green


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