When/where does warrior u take place?

Where: In a COMPLETELY made up town named Cailburry. Nothing is known about where exactly this town is except that it’s somewhere in Britain. And has it’s own small exclusive monarchy, go figure…
When: I have trouble with this since I barely ever know what day it is. But, finally, I decided to go with the 15th century. It has Shakespeare! And ruffs are in vogue.

Who is Finn’s dad?

Nobody knows. Leenan never kept track, nor is she interested in finding out.
Most of the town people suspect the devil, but that’s the sort of thing townspeople say about witches.

Why does Hevvin want to kill Finn?

Serial killer homicides tend to be hard to solve because of the complete and utter lack of motive. Keeping that in mind, Hevvin is a serial killer. His reason is “Because” His more in depth reason is “Because he wanted to”.  He tried to kill Finn once and failed.
So now he devotes sometime every day to fixing that mistake.

Where does the idea for warrior U come from?

The idea of being forced to attend classes you don’t like is based on my own experiences in university. Where I learned everything BUT 2D animation. Finn’s situation is based on that.
you can also argue that the mounting odds against Finn’s dreams and well-being is an extension of my own insecurities as I’m starting out in this world…but that’s beside the point.

Why is Finn in warrior school?

You have not read my first issue?! A pox on you!
Finn is taking a perquisite. He’s HOPING when he passes he’ll be able to take the, oft talked about but never seen, major of saga studies so he can fulfill his wish to become bard.

Why is Finn girly?

Finn is not girly he is manlier than any man. He just has a weak constitution, that’s all.
Also no male role-models.
And if you talking about the outfits, Finn wears nothing that the manliest of men wouldn’t wear
in his time.

The manliest of men

(The Fan girl question) Do Harv and Finn luuurrvveee each other?

No :I Not the way you wan’t them to. They are JUST friends. what ever happens in the future past the extent of my story is up to you, but here, now, they are friends! The BEST of friends!

The best!

Can I draw fanart/ write fanfiction/ use your comic for an Icon?

I would be HONORED if you did! Just remember to credit me for any art used.
And don’t use it for monetary gain! D: That be illegal.