These are just intros about the characters for people new to the comic. For more in depth stuff go HERE


Finn is a wannabe bard. He’s fourteen. (a MAN by medieval standards) and just attempting to make his way in the world. He WANTS to take saga studies as a major BUT FIRST he must pass warrioring 101 as a prerequisite. Does this little delicate guy have what it takes? Only time will tell.

Harv is the son of a retired soldier, now blacksmith and lives on a goat farm, he herds goats and is considered by his friends the best fighter in class. He was, due to his social and considerate nature, roped into being Finn’s best friend.
Harv’s fifteen and likes animals.

Emet, thirteen, is a seamstress, the only daughter of the Head of the Tailor’s Guild. Emet’s secretly attending Warrioring class dressed as a boy in hopes on becoming a Merchant adventurer and sailing the world. She hates Finn and hopes to one day be driven to kill someone in self defense.

Hevvin is a unicorn, the spirit of the forest and symbol of all things pure and blessed. He spends his days lurking in the woods killing innocent travelers collecting their skulls to decorate his adorable home in a hollowed out tree.
His one failure in life is failing to kill Finn, a wrong he’s obsessed with righting.
Also he likes sugar cubes and will eat them STRAIGHT out of your hand :D

Leenan is an evil witch, of the poison your apples type, she terrorizes the kingdom, particularly the nobles. When she’s not causing mayhem and destruction she’s doting on her son, Finn.
She’s not married.

Rhodri is Harv’s twelve year old little brother, he’s insanely jealous of Harv and his older brother privileges. He’s a thief when his parents aren’t looking. He’s also best frenemies with Emet.


The Headmaster floats and wears a cowl, he is not death. He runs Warrior University for his amusement and to feed off the suffering of this students. If he has a soul it is amiable one.

The Teacher teaches LOUDLY. he teaches all things brave and burly. He has a penchant for throwing axes at his students. He sleeps under his desk at night.

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