Warrior U, the comic strip not the University that’s in the comic (pictured above), was something I made for a college newspaper called Notes. I got paid, and it was my first job. The newspaper itself died due to recession. But, since I have gone through all this trouble to create these characters, and since the good people of deviantart seemed to like them so much, I kept going, and going, and I’m not about to stop anytime soon.

Warrior U follows the adventures of Finn, a small, effeminate, unruly young lad, and his rise to, almost unachievable, manhood. He WANTS to take a course on becoming a bard, but instead ends up, like so many of us do, in a completely unrelated class that he HAS to pass if he wants to get anywhere. That class is warrior class where he befriends the reluctant Harv.
And then there’s lots of crazy stuff like; Homicidal unicorns, ghoulish Headmasters, Cross-dressing girls and the occasional Cameleopard.

About me:

Is a young lady in her early twenties from the overachieving city of Dubai. She like watching cartoons, reading books, mostly history, mythology and Discworld novels (which are LIKE cartoons :) )
She enjoys drawing Fanart, when ever the mood takes her, and hopes to one day take part in the creation of an animated cartoon.