So im kinda ENDING the comic. I dont really have the time or energy for it anymore. it was loads of fun though!

When I started this comic in 2009 (because my dad said a newspaper was interested in seeing my work so i put together the first few pages in a week) I didn’t think it’d last like ..five-ish years? I think i learned a lot all in all, improved in a lot of things.

I’d like to thank all of you for reading this comic and enjoying it so much, for all the feedback, art, fics and everything. Special thanks to all the people who sent in a guest comic and gave me this buffer time to think stuff over (im not very good at make decisions haha) I love you all a lot!

As for me I’m going to be studying animation abroad, inshalla everything goes well for me. I probably wont have too much time on my hands. Got like dreams and junk I gotta work on.

so I’ll just drop you all some links like

1) you may have noticed the ol’ warrior-u.tumblr has been kidnapped, my new warrior u blog is here now  (i’ll still be reblogging fanart, answering questions and posting thumbnails of ideas i never got to)

2)if you like my art I post my original art here

3)if you like my art SOOOO much that ur willing to put up with a lot of fandom shit I have an art tag on my main blog here