So…. its been a bit more than 5 months since I last posted here (2534565 years in cartoon hiatuses!!!!!!) and GOSH /o0o lotsa ppl getting worried about me so I thought I should post a quick somethin somethin (as u can see it’s not very funny or anything, but I guess it’s a means to an end I just wanted to update u guys on me n my sitch)

so first of. I’m FINE now, revitalized kinda… attempting to achieve things!!

second of; I’m glad I took a break from warrior u cuz i was leaning on it wayy to heavily and kinda letting it consume me, i had a myriad of dreams where i would just draw this comic so well it’ll wisk me off to …like tv land!! i’m dumb haha.

thirdly, i’m busy, I’m trying to get into animation schools and stuff. (wish me luck?) probably not gonna get to post anything till mid- late march but I AM, kinda, back. back in a WU is gonna be strictly a sidething for me now. I’ll update when I can

and I wanted to say THANK U for being soo patient with me and so understanding! u r the best readers anyone could ever have! ;v;b shukran gozaimashita!